So Your Business Has A Facebook Page…Now What?

Only 25% of businesses regularly share content on Facebook.

I made that up…

One thing is for sure though: gaining traction in using social media for business is important in attracting your customers.


Here’s a story.

A few days ago, I was searching for the nearest hair salon in our area, when I got sidetracked by a pet store’s Facebook page. I scanned the page, hoping to get nuggets of information. I’m quite familiar with the pet store since it’s located nearby. Hmmm…12 likes. No new posts, except photos of pet products.

What happened to the page?

I guess this is another case of an abandoned Facebook page. Or maybe, the owner is hoping that the page will work wonders and attract likes. Who knows? With 2.23 billion of active Facebook users each month, don’t you think it’s time to get serious with managing your Facebook page?

Starting your journey by creating a digital footprint can be overwhelming. Your first goal, if I’m not mistaken, is to get Facebook likes, right?

Facebook Likes – Do They Still Matter In Social Media For Business?

Have you observed how brands attract consumers? Famous lines like “preferred by millions”, “chosen by 90% of doctors” or “approved by top industries” are immensely popular. Sure, you would argue that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but without likes to back your claim, your target audience will never recognize your brand.

Facebook Likes serve as a type of social proof. You don’t have to be a business owner to realize that popularity gives you a competitive edge. Yep, Likes matter in increasing brand awareness. But how can you be sure that these are genuine Likes?

Let’s say you have 20,000 Likes. That’s good news! Unfortunately, only 10 of them are your actual followers. Likes become irrelevant when these people don’t receive page updates. Losing the opportunity to build your brand is just one “unfollow” button away.

You can measure the value for Likes by taking two things into considerations.

Business Use vs Personal Use

Likes are still relevant for personal use. For instance, you Like a particular beauty product. You will see more of these products in the future.

It is even more relevant in social media for business. Yay! My Facebook page has thousands of likes. Too early to celebrate. I have bad news for you.  Likes are not the sole basis for your page’s popularity among your target market. It’s the engagement that really counts.

Popular pages have a high engagement rate. When people like, share or comment, your page gets social engagement. As a business owner, your role is to ensure you are creating genuine engagement.

Don’t Comment, Communicate – The Importance of Genuine Engagement

1. Timing is everything

An increased engagement is not a good reason to rest on your laurels. Surviving and thriving in an algorithm-stricken digital world requires perfect timing. Facebook’s algorithm rewards posts that receive more engagement. Increasing the likelihood of getting comments and likes requires posting content when readers are most active. Research shows that the best times to share content on Facebook are Wednesday between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and Thursday between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

How many of you have thought Saturday has the highest amount of engagement? Well, me too! Surprisingly, our favorite day of the week has the least amount of social media engagement.  

2. Focus on Popular Content

Let’s say you are running a pet store’s Facebook page. Should you exclusively share content related to pets? Definitely no.

Followers hate repetitive content. Try to add some variations like a food for thought or a brain teaser. Anything to break the ice will engage your audience. Make followers laugh or keep them entertained.

3. Bring Back The Magic

We all have that one post that won thousands of likes and shares. Maybe it’s time to recreate that post? Your most popular posts are your benchmark for evaluating the content that gained the most Likes and Shares. Take it as a starting point.

4. Visual Content Matters

Pictures are worth a thousand words even in the digital age. Of course, you have to take the type of images you post into consideration. You can’t expect people to flood your page with likes if you share poor quality images.

Stock photos might be your best friend, but over-reliance on these photos does more harm than good. Show the personality of your Facebook page by using real-life photos. Stock photos immediately defeat the purpose of using social media for business. For a killer content, choose photos containing picturesque landscape and striking colors.

5. Be Available To Comment and Reply

You know how readers hate it when they don’t get prompt replies from the page they follow? Many people never make a buying decision without visiting the brand’s Facebook page. One bad impression and you are out of your customer’s list. Why take the risk when you can respond in a timely manner? Timely comments and replies send a signal to followers that you’re listening to them. It encourages interaction and engagement. Don’t let your followers wonder if your page is still active.

What if you can’t do all these?

This is where we come in. Not everyone has the luxury of time to comment, share or monitor a Facebook page, but that’s how social media for business works. Why do it alone when you can hire someone to do it for you? You’re a click away from transforming Likers into genuine Followers…unless you would rather let a great opportunity pass you by. Your choice.

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