Next-Gen Business Solutions is aware of the importance of your name, address or e-mail address, more collectively known as your Personal Data. We treat personal information with confidentiality. Each time you visit, you have the assurance that we will not disclose your personal information.


While we track the IP address of people visiting our website, we do not track your personal data. Our websites collect your Personal Data for the purpose of complying with the applicable laws and regulation. If you do not want to disclose the information we require, you can still visit our website, but may not get full access to some of our services and offers.


Next-Gen Business Solutions Uses Facebook Retargeting Tags, Google Analytics and Google Ads


Google & Facebook are third-party vendors, hence, they are using cookies to serve ads based on the user’s previous visits to the Next-Gen Business Solutions website. The data will solely be used in accordance with Next-Gen Business Solutions’ own privacy policy, as well as Facebook & Google privacy policies.


We also measure traffic using tools like Google Analytics to know how visitors interact with our website. There are times when we may use additional tools to accurately measure the effectiveness of our marketing strategies and campaigns. Google Analytics does not collect any personally identifiable information.


If you don’t want to make your previous activity available to Google Analytics, you can install Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on ( The add-on enables visitors to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data.


Use of Cookies


Next-Gen Solutions may also send “cookies” to ensure that we provide you with tailored information when you go back to our site. Cookies serve as identifiers which include a unique string of characters. However, you’ll remain anonymous if don’t wish to provide your Personal Data onto our site. You have the option to change the settings of your browser to refuse cookies.


Sharing Your Personal Information


Next-Gen Business Solutions understands the reason for not disclosing your Personal Data even if it is for marketing purposes. We set our own limitations when it comes to sharing your personal data:


  • We may disclose your personal information to our service providers, who use your information in compliance with the Privacy law.


  • We may share your personal data for the purpose of transferring business assets, protecting our property or rights, enforcing our rights and external auditing and compliance.


  • We may reveal your personal data if required by law, such as law enforcement agencies, subpoena, and Canada Court.


By agreeing to our privacy policy, you authorize Next-Gen Business Solutions to use or transfer data to providers, subsidiaries, partners or the parent company. Next-Gen Business Solutions protects the privacy and security of your personal data.


If you need additional information about our privacy policy, you may contact us via email or write to us at:


3028 58 Ave NE

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