How To Create A Powerful Call-To-Action Your Potential Customers Can’t Resist

Some call-to-actions (CTA) are just too good not to click… From the placement to the choice of colors, these CTAs never fail to captivate potential customers!

Unfortunately, not all businesses have the creative flair to go beyond the usual “sign up now”, “free trial” or “subscribe here”. It doesn’t matter where you place your call-to-action button, if it doesn’t captivate your audience then none of the aspects of your product will.

What is a good example of an irresistible call to action?

Let’s use one of the most downloaded mobile apps: Spotify. Anyone who has a penchant for music sure has Spotify downloaded on their mobile device. The app is free to download, but it has limitations! You can’t listen to songs offline. You can’t download music. You’re limited to 6 skips per hours. If you’ve used up all the skips, you have no choice but to listen to whatever is on. Spotify does a very good job of inserting their CTA whenever you’re experiencing the inconveniences of having the free version!

Now, for Spotify’s call to action. You know just how annoying it is when you have limited options? When you have to listen to ads because you opted for the free version of the app? If you want the app so bad, you’ll do anything to get rid of these distractions just so you could listen to your favorite songs without the ads interrupting you. This is where Spotify does a great job! The well-designed call to action invites users to “Get Spotify Free” or “Get Spotify Premium”. The free version of the app isn’t that bad, but there are great privileges that you get from opting for the premium account. By timing their CTA appropriately, they increase the likelihood of getting a conversion from their prospect!

One stand-out benefit of going premium is that you don’t have to deal with ads. Spotify highlights these benefits in conjunction with their call-to-action. It answers the question “What do I get if I upgrade to premium?”.

You too can give your CTA a unique personality. Here are 4 tactics you can try.

How to Get Customers To Hit The Button- Call To Action Tactics

1. Offer A Free Trial

This tactic never fails to attract potential customers because everyone loves free items. The fact that it’s free means that they’re under no obligation to make a purchase of the products or services on offer. In short, there are no strings attached. However, you need to be very careful when assisting your customers. If you want them to take action, you have to get rid of all the possible obstacles that delay the buying process. But using free trials in your copy does not necessarily guarantee conversion! In fact, the churn rate (Number of people cancelling vs. signing up) may even increase if customers have to go through a series of steps before you could confirm their purchases or they just don’t like getting harassed by too many CTA’s. Not cool!

2. Focus On The Benefits

The only way to stay in the game is to add value to your product. The people who perform a Google search are looking for answers. The moment they stumble upon your page or copy, you need to help them make the right buying decision in a short period of time. A benefit-driven call to action gives answers to customers. When users come on board, you need to follow up and give them reasons why they have made the right choice.

3. Use Curiosity

If you have something to keep your customers guessing, then you are hitting the nail on the head… Evoking your customer’s curiosity will increase their inherent desire to know something new, which you can use to your advantage! A call to action that piques curiosity has a great impact on your audience. When you combine it with persuasive words such as new, free, instantly, or bonus, you are slowly convincing users to click your call-to-action button.

4. Leave Customers Hanging

Have you ever wondered why an unresolved ending appeals to readers? Even when used in call-to-actions, cliffhangers tend to leave something for customers to ponder on. This ties into the previous curiosity point very well. You can add different call-to-action messages depending on the services you offer. A good example would be a CTA that’s always visible enticing users to upgrade to premium. They keep your users curious about the possibility of exciting features on the account after the upgrade.

What should be the color of your call to action?

Do you randomly pick a color without taking other factors into consideration? Conversions might be driven by clear design, social proof, urgency, and the right lead magnet, but does the color of your call to action button really matter?

While clicking the CTA button is just the first step to converting your visitors into customers, with some focused testing, you’ll be able to find out how colors can affect your customers’ perception. So if you often treat your buttons as just an “add-on” to your brand, then you don’t really know the importance of a call to action. Let’s try to find out about the meaning of each color.


You’ll see more of the yellow call to action on Paypal. Why yellow? It’s an optimistic color that can easily grab your attention. If you were a customer, you’ll easily notice yellow CTAs because they’re bright. Yellow buttons work well with emails too. You can incorporate this color with red or other hot colors if your goal is to entice action, especially from readers.


Blue is a popular color that can be usually found on software and websites. Blue stands for loyalty, sincerity, and trustworthiness. You’ll surely agree that it’s also an intellectual color because it’s associated with logic, coolness, and communication. For instance, when installing software, you don’t want to come across shady websites that disguise themselves as a legit software download website do you? Making use of the color blue shows that your website is trustworthy. Blue buttons can also be found in newsletters. They look simple but eye-catching. You can also combine blue with orange or pink brand colors.


Ah, the color of money. You’ll often find green buttons on financial or banking websites. Green, aside from being the color of wealth also represents restoration, health, and refreshment. Have you come across Xero’s website? Notice how they incorporate green into their call to action buttons? Green works well when you pair it with other relaxing colors like blue.


It’s an exciting color nevertheless. At first glance, you can easily tell that it’s an aggressive color, but there is more than meets the eye. Orange can also be associated with security, passion, and warmth. Use orange if you prefer the strong approach.


Red is a loud color that promotes urgency. You can see red buttons on e-commerce websites. They stand for strength, excitement, defiance, and courage. When using red for your buttons, make sure to have a clear CTA because the color is loud enough to convey your message.  Keep the rest of your call to action elements simple.


Pink stands for tranquility, warmth, nurture, love, and sexuality. Pink buttons are common in women-focused websites and brands. The color also grabs attention. Since it is already a standout color, you can combine it with a neutral background. The rule is to draw your customers’ eyes to that bright pink button.


Black represents sleekness, power, sophistication, and efficiency. While it blends well with the rest of webpage copy, you might want to give button testing a try first before using black for your buttons.


Purple is the color of royalty. It is associated with quality, truth, and luxury. You can rarely see a purple call to action button, but if you want to stand out it’s definitely a good color option. If you have a green homepage, a purple call to action button will definitely draw one’s attention to the button.

Whether it’s a sales copy, landing page or promotional banners, your call-to-action should be well-optimized to target your audience. Getting the right people to click the button is not always easy because you don’t just need a compelling CTA, you need a hook, good proposal, a good product, and even more important is getting your product in front of the right audiences… An overall business development strategy from Next-Gen Business Solutions simplifies all of this and you have a dedicated team of professionals to guide you. Give us a call today: For a limited time… free trial… with lots of bonuses!!

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