Click-Through Rate: 5 Ways To Get People To Click On Your Ad

Do businesses with high click-through rate (CTR) use some kind of sorcery to entice people into clicking on the ad? Is there a particular style or approach that appeals to your target audience? The questions linger…like a smoke hovering over the marketing furnace. A high CTR may seem elusive, that is, if you don’t know how it works.

Here’s the CTR equation:

Ad Clicks divided by Ad Impressions multiplied by 100 = Click-Through Rate.

  • Ad clicks refer to the number of times a search result gets clicked.
  • Ad Impressions refer to the number of times a search result appears on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

A simple metric that is extremely powerful.

You don’t have to love math to find out about the factors that affect your CTR performance. What I know about CTR is that it is a key metric. Well, surprise surprise, surprise, it’s more than that.

CTR and your PPC Campaigns

How can you tell that your ad copy resonates with your customers? Through your CTR. A high click-through rate means that your target audience responds positively to your ad copy. You’ve done a wonderful job in targeting the right people. A high CTR is a great sign that you’re getting closer to your business goals. When people click your ad, there is an increased possibility that these people will purchase your product or service.

However, if you have a low CTR, it is an indicator that you’re not targeting the right audience. Well, aside from not targeting the right people, a low CTR has more serious implications. Since CTR determines the relevance of your ads to your target audience, you’ll get an idea if you’re producing high-quality ads. Like a teacher to a student, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads also give your ad a quality score based of course, on its performance.

Why is quality score even important?

A high-quality score gives you a competitive advantage over your competitor. Not only can you outrank them, but you can also outbid them. Sounds like fun right?

Just imagine running your ad at a lower cost-per-click, pure bliss!

So the million dollar question is: How do you increase your CTR?

The key to increasing your CTR is by targeting the right audience and being creative with your ad copy. Sounds very simple right?

Well, if it’s that simple, everyone would already have high CTR’s, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Not all businesses are good at adding these techniques to the marketing mix and most of the time end up trying random things without any hypothesis behind them. Targeting the right people is something that is simple and straightforward. You can’t advertise vodka to non-drinkers.

What makes you stand out in the digital crowd? If your audience doesn’t feel they can benefit from your product or that you don’t have their interests in mind then there’s no chance that they’re going to click on your ad.

Use urgency to capture your audience. Terms like a limited offer, get 30% discount and other attention-grabbing call-to-actions warn potential customers of the consequences if they’re not going to take action. Of course, you also have to make use of all the bells and whistles-the ad formats, CTA buttons, and various ad extensions.

Using FOMO to your advantage convinces people to click and eventually convert. Create an offer that’s too hard to resist – a free item or a great discount.

CTR is a key metric because it also affects your Ad Rank. How? Your ranking in search engines is partially based on the popularity of your site on search engines which is measured based by the clicks from your ad. The more clicks your web page gets, the higher your CTR will be, and the higher your ad will rank while simultaneously reducing costs. Improving your CTR involves consistently providing your audience with high-quality and relevant content. For Google to favor your site, it needs to have all of the right elements so it becomes the “party that everyone wishes to attend”.

Ad Copy: Vital To Improving Your CTR

An individual doesn’t click your ad by accident. You get clicks because people find your ad interesting or engaging. When you create an ad copy, think about talking to your target audience. What would you say to them personally if you were there and convincing them that you can solve their problems? You know for sure that your ad copy needs work if it doesn’t seem to connect with your audience. At the end of the day it all boils down to connecting with your audience.

Pay Attention To Your Keywords

Don’t just focus on your ad copy, your keywords are just as vital and sometimes overlooked. The key here is being more specific. So, if you’re trying to target a particular audience, say, people searching for sports cars, you need to pick a keyword that will increase your chance of appearing on search results. If you choose “cars”, you know for a fact that it’s a broad keyword. What car? What are the makes and models you’re trying to sell? Your ad will be drowned in thousands of search results, and you’ll only stand a slim chance of attracting the right audience. Use long-tail keywords. So if you’re selling sports cars, you could use “sports cars”.

Trial and Error

You’ll never know whether or not your strategy works until you test it. Test your ads to find out if they increase your CTR. Be detail-oriented, and be sure to choose words that resonate with the emotion of your audience. Begin optimizing your campaigns and try to learn from the things that make improvements!

Understand Your Audience

The only way you’ll understand your audience is by walking in their shoes. Since each and every customer is behaving differently, you need to talk to them to find out what they’re looking for. Profile your customers and make each interaction as your basis for creating an ad copy they’ll click.

High CTR- Can Too High Be Bad?

There’s no doubt that a high CTR is a great sign that your campaign is on the right track. However, just like anything else, too much of something is bad. A high CTR rate but a low conversion rate is an indication that your landing page needs improvement. It’s either you haven’t specified all of the essential details, you don’t have a good CTA, or your clicks are not converting. If despite having a high CTR your conversion rates still suffer, you might want to look at your bounce rates and on-site traffic patterns to find out why people are dropping off.

If you can’t diagnosed the problem or you still don’t know what direction to take, drop us a note and we’ll help you hit your CTR goals. We have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to help you manage your campaigns effectively and help increase your business!

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